333 Ann Street


Client: Design: Devine Limited; Delivery: Devine Construction Pty Ltd

Year: 2008

333 Ann Street is a sought-after commercial building on the fringe of Brisbane’s vibrant CBD. The development has retained and carefully integrated a significant portion of the R.S. Exton heritage façade, which creates a unique design relationship between heritage and contemporary architecture.

By utilising an integrated double glazed curtain wall façade system in combination with external solar control devices, ML Design were able to produce a building that was designed to a 4-star Green Star rating – while maintaining remarkable architectural features.

It was ML Design’s extensive experience in managing heritage buildings that saw us appointed to lead the design. Having worked with previous heritage facades, we knew exactly how to incorporate the heritage façade into our design solution to produce the best results – both commercially and aesthetically.

When designing 333 Ann Street there were a number of design challenges that we turned into architectural opportunities. A key challenge the careful restoration and integration of the existing heritage façade within the overall streetscape design of the building. Restoration works included replacement/repurposing of damaged brickwork, restoration of façade ornaments and removal and replacement of dry rot to some of the existing timber windows.

Other key design challenges to the project included building over an existing operational city substation, utilising existing pile and columns and designing facilities around the various volumetric easements on the site.

The collaborative works in revitalising and integrating the existing heritage façade resulted in the project being awarded the lucrative Queensland Heritage Award for Façade Restoration.

The outcome of a fully integrated heritage façade is legible within the contemporary design of the tower above, resulting in the creation of one of Brisbane CBD’s statement buildings and a functional and carefully detailed space.