Aldi, Arana Hills

Arana Hills Shopping Centre

Client: ISPT

Year: 2014

A suburban single-level shopping centre, Arana Hills Plaza wanted to extend its offering and attract new patrons by including a large Aldi store within the western carpark of the plaza.

ISPT, the owner of Arana Hills Plaza, has positioned the shopping hub as offering a one-stop-shop to locals throughout the area. With 24 specialty stores already established in the plaza, the addition of an Aldi store furthered their attraction to local shoppers.

With our previous experience designing Aldi stores effectively, ML Design were approached for the initial design works for the bare build phase. This resulted in a functional building that added value to the existing centre.

The main considerations our team had through the design process was ensuring we were working to a strict budget and timeframe. We delivered our integrated design solution in time and produced an outcome that was within the budget for the client.

Due to the nature of the store, our team also delivered carefully detailed designs that minimised acoustics and decreased the impact late night/early morning deliveries and refuse would have on the surrounding community.

The design solution ML Design delivered enabled us to channel centre patrons between the Aldi store and the remainder of the centre. This ensured we maintained foot traffic and the overall financial viability of the store.

We also delivered a strategic design solution that worked alongside existing centre operational considerations, and ensured that our designs were in line with Aldi’s operations.

The outcome: a successful project and a happy client.