BAC Automall


Client: Brisbane Airport Corporation

Year: 2015

In 2014, Brisbane Airport Corporation held a visioning workshop to determine the best use of a 51-hectare site adjacent to the international terminal. The winning concept: an Automall.

The vision is centred on a world-class test track that is surrounded by premium auto dealerships and auto industry retailers. The masterplan also includes a pedestrian link from the Skytrain and International Terminal – creating the opportunity to incorporate one of BAC’s planned future hotels on the site.

ML Design – as masterplanners – collaborated with BAC staff, technical consultants and property consultants to help turn the vision into a reality. It was our strategic solutions that helped us play an integral role in this visionary project.

This project is an example of ML Designs’ ability to deliver value beyond the scope of designing buildings. We used our property-based experience to drive our overall vision for the site and are now using our masterplanning and architectural skills to bring the vision to life.

The main consideration ML Design was faced with was the fact that a large part of the site occupies a low-lying flood affected area. This had a large impact on how we could approach the project, and is ultimately what led us to go down the road of an Automall.

We wanted to create a space that was the best use for the development site, while still maintaining an innovative and unique approach. To make this project a success our design needed to integrate retail, hospitality and site usability.

A race track was our answer to how best utilise the large section of flood-affected site. By using this low-lying section for our track, ML Design effectively created a focal point for the rest of the project. This allowed us to place retail and hospitality sections around the track in order to showcase the auto theme of the development.