Cornerstone Living Stages M&N


Client: Consolidated Properties

Year: 2017

Cornerstone Living is a large-scale low to mid rise multi dwelling residential development. Presenting contemporary Queensland architecture and a range of engaging recreational facilities, the development is aimed at creating a lifestyle for its residents that is modern, accessible and of the place.

The strategic landscape design offers an attractive community focused landscape that delivers a diverse recreation program and works to meet the needs of Cornerstone Living’s residents and visitors. The landscape provides a number of inspirational settings for fun, exercise and relaxation – all while creating spaces that build a community.

As a site for dense multi dwelling living, the aim of the landscape design was to create a landscape that was both highly functional and visually pleasing, and ultimately, a landscape which would add value to the market image and sales of the development.

Lauren Newton, formerly of Point4 and now Studio Lead at ML Design, collaborated closely with the client and the project team to deliver these unique design solutions that captured the vision for the project, while creating external spaces for residents and guests to enjoy.

To accommodate a landscape with strong function and program, key site constraints included: the steep fall and grade of the site, potential overlooking from upper storey dwellings into the central courtyard and the need to design a sectional landscape that would fit with a predetermined site building staging program.

Based on a diverse range of recreational facilities to meet anticipated end use expectations, the landscape design features a diverse range of passive and active recreational activities and facilities including communal vegetable gardens. Activities have been grouped or zoned to best maximise communal function and site legibility, and to best adapt to the site constraints.

Given the constraints of the site, the strategic landscape design solutions worked to provide a range of recreational opportunities for the 172 units and 8 townhouses on a compact site. The final designs respond to both the constraints and opportunities of the site to deliver a holistic and community-oriented landscape design.

The designs manage to promote sustainability and liveability, while still fitting in with the unique location and area characteristics. The innovative design solution includes a central courtyard that features four distinctive sub landscape zones – Community Garden, Barbecue Entertainment, Community Common and Pool Leisure – and although they are separate zones they work to flow with each other to provide a diversified and extremely functional landscape for residents and visitors to enjoy.