Silver Fox Retirement Villages

Calamvale, Rochedale, Browns plains

Client: Private Developer

Year: 2015

With a strong focus on the end-user, all three Silver Fox Retirement Villages are underpinned with the celebration of life in an environment that redefines mature age living. Through innovative and unique design solutions, the Silver Fox Retirement Living landscape designs create spaces where residents can truly come together as a community.

By forming a connected network, the landscape designs created for these retirement villages will become an extension of the project’s architecture. The landscape will offer a variety of flexible use spaces that celebrate and complement a sub-tropical climate and outdoor lifestyle.

A variety of recreational opportunities within the landscape design will maximise activation of the landscape and will build a sense of community and social interaction. The design solutions will also deliver a number of intimate and secluded spaces that offer residents privacy and a sense of ownership.

Lauren Newton, formerly of Point4 and now Studio Lead at ML Design, has collaborated closely with the client to deliver designs that capture the values that Silver Fox brings to each development. This has resulted in a sustainable and community-centric landscape design that successfully captures the clients vision for the projects.

The client has a very distinct approach to retirement living, and the landscape design team collaborated closely with them to ensure that the design solutions created a world-class community development with a focus on universal design, inclusive use, creating healthy environments and reducing the cost of living.

The designs delivered transformed the project into a state of the art, universal and inclusive resort-style retirement community that heavily promotes healthy lifestyles and sustainable living for all residents.

In order to capture the client’s vision, the landscape design team delivered designs that promoted healthy lifestyles while completely eliminating the institutional and hospitalised feel of regular Aged Care facilities. By using natural light and air-flow, vertical garden screening, fully sustainable vegetable and fish farms, indoor/outdoor activity areas and interactive children zones throughout the site – residents can come together and enjoy the space as a community.

The landscape design team also included a number of recreational activities throughout the development that work to encourage a healthy, happy and vibrant lifestyle. The strategic designs will work to significantly reduce the ongoing cost of living within the community by utilising rooftop solar panels, green walls, rain water storage, LED lighting and cross-ventilation – with all cost savings being passed on directly to the residents.