Moreton Bay Region University Precinct

Petrie, Moreton Bay Regional Council

Client: Cardno

Year: 2016

As the largest government funded project in South East Queensland, the proposed university precinct at Petrie combines economic and market realities with design solutions that will transform the region into an urban hub.

Leading the design team with Cardo, ML Design headed the masterplanning division of this visionary project. The 200-hectare precinct, at the former site of the Petrie Paper Mill, will add 2,500 jobs to the area as well as sustain a population of over 5,000 people.

ML Design’s ability to collaborate and offer strategic solutions to complex problems was what lead to our appointment of this transformative project. Our concept plan will redefine the Petrie area.

In order to deliver the most strategic concept plan for Moreton Bay Regional Council, ML Design needed to explore our commercial understanding of a city building process. The university precinct is remarkably significant, as it is subject to local, state and federal legislation and is set to become a landmark development in the region.

The challenge with providing an innovative education precinct of this size is that it must follow both a design and political process in order to create a commercially viable and effective outcome.

Our integrated design solutions allowed us to deliver a master plan that focuses the site on a 15-hectare university precinct. By keeping the university front-and-centre, we were able to create a harmonious relationship between various commercial and communal spaces. This carefully detailed relationship adds functionality to the space that will inspire future usability.

To ensure the site was accessible, we collaborated to deliver a direct access link to public transport. The site will be easily reached through the Petrie Rail station and the upgraded Moreton Bay Rail Link.

The new campus is on track for completion by 2020, with the final university precinct expected to be delivered by 2030. This transformative project is set to leave an impression on the entire development and property industry.