Mt Peter


Client: Cairns Regional Council

Year: 2012

Covering an area of approximately 3,000 hectares, Mt Peter was the largest single residential land release in Queensland. The project is a significant milestone for the southern corridor of Cairns, and significantly opens up the area for new residents.

The new urban development can house up to 50,000 new residents – creating an opportunity to build a vibrant new community in a previously underutilised area of Queensland. The community is set to include houses combined with retail and amenities to ensure everything is at the doorstep of Mt Peter’s residents.

ML Design, in partnership with Cardno, was commissioned to undertake the impressive project. It was our ability to deliver innovative solutions to complex problems that saw us take charge of the masterplanning and urban design aspects of the project. Our solutions drove commercial outcomes for the developer, while still creating a liveable masterplanned community.

One of the biggest challenges ML Design had to successfully manage was an Enquiry by Design Workshop that included over 100 key stakeholders. Our ability to collaborate with participants from all levels of government, landowners and community members allowed us to produce a successful design outcome.

Our design team also had to manage multiple ownership of land parcels and individual land values – all while ensuring our designs exceeded various State Government agency expectations.

Our comprehensive master plan delivered a solution that brought the council vision to life. We created a vibrant masterplanned community that would revitalise a previously idle section of land – and create opportunities for the region to experience unprecedented growth.

ML Design’s response also offered solutions for complex site and ownership structures – ensuring the design suited the various stakeholders. We delivered an innovative and strong strategy that was the result of highly successful collaboration across all levels. Our master plan captures Council’s vision for the land while still creating a sought-after place to live, work or play.