North Richmond

Hawkesbury, New South Wales

Client: North Richmond Joint Venture

Year: 2014

Covering a total area of 183 hectares, the North Richmond development is located adjacent to the already existing community on the north-western fringe of the Sydney area. Set to be developed over the next 20 years, the development will include retirement living, a vibrant village centre and approximately 1,800 individual dwellings.

The masterplan for the community embraces the philosophy of the original landowner – P.A. Yeoman – and celebrates the use of the natural contours of the land to aid the design and creation of the community.

It was ML Design’s ability to deliver an integrated design solution that solved a complex problem and saw us appointed to design the master plan. Our reputation for seamless collaboration and a strong focus on delivering tangible commercial outcomes positioned our studio as the best team for the complex job.

When creating the master plan for the North Richmond development, ML Design had to adopt the Australian Model Code for Residential Development (AMCORD) as a guide to the design. This created a strict set of guidelines for our design – meaning we needed to think creatively while remaining inside the project scope.

Another design challenge our studio met was that the State Government listed the site as a heritage site. Given the heritage status of the land, we looked at alternative design methods to meet heritage requirements while taking care not to impede the ideal residential development.

Our design created the framework for a vibrant and carefully designed community that boasts safe, secure and walkable neighbourhoods. Our plan seamlessly integrated the existing community to create an urban hub that is more than just a place to live.

Our design maintains the philosophy of the original land owner P.A. Yeoman – who was the founder of keyline planning and believes in unique planning and irrigation. By irrigating the site through the natural contours of the land we are taking into account slopes, drainage and existing vegetation to produce a masterplanned community that embraces its heritage.