Paragon Apartments

Queen Street, Blackburn, Victoria

Client: Verve Constructions

Year: 2014

In the heart of the leafy suburb Blackburn, Paragon Apartments breaks new ground by creating a refined and carefully considered development that the area has never seen before. With refined building form, complex facades and timeless interiors, Paragon has an undoubtedly strong presence within the streetscape.

Designed for the convenience and comfort of residents, the building provides shared spaces that are enjoyable, practical and promote a sense of community within the development. Residents and guests will experience a new level of sophistication that comes from the lush landscaped exteriors and luxurious internal gallery-inspired foyer and lounge spa.

ML Design collaborated closely with the client on this project to ensure that the architectural designs were innovative, strategic and achievable – and it was this collaborative approach that helped drive the success of the final designs.

Inspired by the artworks of Philipp Schaerer, Paragon uses crisp masonry to compose a number of additions and subtractions from the façade – resulting in an interesting and eye-catching external aesthetic. The angled mansard roof gives Paragon a strong presence in the streetscape, while presenting the design team with the opportunity to use their innovation to create viable yet creative design solutions.

This innovative design approach presented the design team with a number of considerations and challenges that were overcome to ensure the project’s vision was successfully brought to life.

n order to achieve an overwhelming sense of refinement within the development, the ML Design team created the highly detailed façade and roof structure to add to the feel of the project. Expressive and lush landscaping works to frame and complete the development, while the meticulously carved building form and its considered design approach ensure that Paragon is like nothing else in Blackburn.

Designed for the convenience and comfort of residents, the strategic design solutions provided by ML Design create inspired shared spaces and ensure residents and guests are treated to a new level of sophistication and refinement within the development.