Reading Newmarket Cinema and Retail Expansion Project

400 Newmarket Road, Newmarket

Client: Reading International Inc

Year: 2014

Originally opened in 2005, the Reading Newmarket centre is located in a busy pocket of Brisbane. The centre is connected to three adjoining parcels of land that are set to become the home of a new vibrant retail and cinema development.

The current centre consists of a Coles Supermarket, a tavern and 38 specialist retail shops. These will be integrated with the new cinema complex, which will be operated by Reading Cinemas.

The new cinema complex will also feature 7 retail shops that will be primarily food and beverage operators. This will increase the functionality of the centre and meet the needs of movie-goers.

A building permit has previously been issued to construct a 134 space mezzanine car park in the basement of the development, which is set to go ahead as part of this extensive expansion project.

When approaching this project, ML Design considered how to make the space as functional as possible while minimising the impact on current centre operations. This produced a unique set of design considerations that our studio accounted for in our final designs.

The result of ML Design’s extensive integrated design solution was a functional new development that utilised existing parcels of land in a clever way. Our designs increase the functionality of the site, without detracting from the current centre operations.

The new expansion is set to become a centrepiece of the Reading Newmarket Centre, and will attract more locals to the specialty retail, hospitality and entertainment hub.