Gold Coast

Client: Seachange Developments Pty Ltd

Year: 2008

Located on the Gold Coast, Seachange Village is an award winning integrated residential project that is centred around creating a tight-knit community based on shared activities and experiences.

The master plan is designed to promote a sense of sociability and inclusion, with a central Country Club as a lifestyle focus. The design uses ‘New Urbanist’ planning principles that encourage pedestrian movement and casual streetscape interaction. The plan also includes a dedicated walkway to the vibrant Arundel Shopping Centre – keeping the residents connected to the wider community.

Our skills and capabilities in designing effective integrated residential projects saw us appointed to the project. Our master plan inspires a sense of belonging and community – making the development more than just a place to live.

The main consideration our integrated design solution addressed was the need to create a functional and enjoyable community. The ML Design team kept three major master-planning principles: function and usability, community and carefully detailed design. We also focused on creating privacy within the homes and providing adequate parking, while avoiding the typical suburban streetscape dominated by unsightly garage doors.

To create a community within the development, ML Design put a large emphasis on recreational activities that would promote shared experiences. Our Country Club design is set into a slope at the highest point of the site and features a main entry and social facilities on the upper level and a full range of recreational and sporting facilities below.

Using ‘New Urbanist’ planning principles, streets were laid out in a traditional grid pattern, with a series of small luscious parks to complement the main Country Club green space.

We used private outdoor courtyards to create an extension of internal living space, while creating rear service lanes to keep the houses facing the pedestrian-oriented street.