South Brisbane

Client: Pradella

Year: 2015

Combining an iconic Brisbane landmark with a strategic urban design solution, Skyneedle in South Brisbane is activating a previously idle space. The innovative development will feature a total of 217 apartments across two towers, with the SkyNeedle remaining as the development’s focal point.

Originating from Brisbane’s Expo 88, the Skyneedle is an iconic Brisbane spire that this project is set to revitalise. Including a major residential development and a community-centric café precinct, the carefully detailed design will transform the space into a sought-after residential destination.

ML Design were appointed to the project based on our innate ability to collaborate with our clients, alongside our experience working with innovative multi-residential projects. We worked closely with Pradella to create a unique design solution that will transform a dated icon back to its previous glory.

The 88m Skyneedle spire was our biggest design challenge. The iconic tower is embedded in Brisbane history and was moved to the Manning Street site in 1989. The tower is unable to be moved without at least partial deconstruction – limiting our design options.

Not shying away from a challenge, we were able to collaborate with our client to develop a complex design solution to deliver an inspiring project that celebrates the spire as the focal piece of the modern Skyneedle Apartments.

ML Design created an innovative design solution that celebrated the iconic spire by placing it front-and-centre. Our carefully detailed design incorporated various architectural elements to create two residential towers fronted by the beacon. In order to mitigate any boundary setbacks for the project, ML Design successfully worked with Brisbane City Council to reposition a nearby laneway.

We also delivered a design solution that promotes a sense of community and belonging to the future Skyneedle community. Our design allows for a reignited site purpose, while giving a bold nod to Brisbane’s unique history.